Stone Capital Group is pleased to announce Trident Stock Report as a preferred provider of stock and market analysis and recommendations.

Managing director, author, stock and market analyst Lance Spicer created Trident in 1994. Since then Trident has been successfully operating in the investment information space through various mediums such as books, investment reports, investment funds and subscription newsletters.

Lance has created his own "Trident Investment Selection System". He employs fundamental analysis, economic analysis and his extensive years of experience, in addition to good, old-fashioned common sense to pinpoint great investments. Find out more about his experience.

Using his accounting and corporate skills he has been able to identify underlying value in companies often overlooked by the market resulting in market beating results through Trident Confidential - a stock market newsletter. Using his accounting and corporate skills he has been able to identify underlying value in companies often overlooked by the market resulting in market beating results.

Trident Stock Report was created in 2017 to satisfy the expanding portfolios and changing needs of clients. This provides a variety of reports available for purchase. Some follow his successful Trident Confidential Model Portfolio – available after the end every quarter. Others focus on Dividend Portfolios, Investment Analysis and Market Outlooks.

These largely focus on stock recommendations in each of the individual reports and provide specific valuations and buy/sell recommendations.

Trident has a dedicated customer base due to the integrity and success of the recommendations made and results achieved.

We are pleased to introduce them to you and we hope you find their service a valuable contribution to your investing success.

$45.00 (ex. GST)

The Trident Confidential Quarterly Report is a must for previous subscribers and new clients looking to begin a Global Growth Portfolio. 

Included in this report are:

  • Market Ramifications of Covid-19
  • The US Election and how it will effect your investments - Biden or Trump, What will Change?
  • Earnings Uncertainty and Why Investors are Bullish
  • The Interest Rates Paradigm and How it Changes Everything
  • The No. 1 Threat to your money right now
  • A Vaccine is probably on its way - Do you invest?
  • The Biggest "Change" we have seen in our lives - How do you Profit by it?
  • Our Predicted Correction Came After All - What Next?
  • Is The Market Overvalued? There are two ways to look at it.
  • Shorting the Market or Sectors - Inverse ETFs, are they worth it?
  • Our Portfolio has Outperformed the market - We update our Buy Prices and Valuations
  • 5 NEW BUYS
  • 2 SELLS
  • We have 23 stocks to buy right now
  • Our New Broker - Deal on Brokerage
  • An update of every stock in our Growth Portfolio - Our Portfolio has beaten the market 3 to 1 over the long term - See which stocks outperformed and why you should buy them even now
  • Portfolio Tables for the Current Growth Portfolio
  • Our Favourite Buys and our Bargain Buys updated

The Full Report is 16 Pages - Released 28th September 2020

$31.36 (ex. GST)

Are you looking for a balanced portfolio for your Super fund? or perhaps a set and forget low risk portfolio?

After a specific request from a family member to provide this, we were given some strict criteria, which we followed. After much research we succeeded in putting something together to achieve these aims..

This is our 2020 edition of this portfolio update.

This report includes:

  • A list of investments - all of which had to be listed on the Australian Stock Exchange
  • A Full Review of the 2019 Report - The impact of the Covid-19 Crisis and market crash
  • Portfolio changes
  • The Portfolio summary which includes: Global Shares, Australian Shares, Global Property, Australian Property, Cash & Fixed Interest, Global Bonds, Australian Bonds and Alternatives
  • A Portfolio that suits a SMSF or "set and forget" type scenario with "lowish" levels of risk
  • The returns, which are a are a mix of income with decent capital growth
  • The specification that returns must EXCEED 8%pa long term:
  • and the managers of the investments are good quality with excellent long term records:
  • and the Portfolio must balanced and diversified across not only asset classes, but across sectors and industries
  • A very specific allocation to each asset class with equities of any type not exceeding 55% of the Portfolio - A true Balance and Well Diversified Portfolio
  • A stipulation that the investments are easy to buy and sell with liquidity in the market
  • Investments, which by and large, are low cost in terms of fees
  • No single investment exceeding 5% of the Portfolio - which includes at least 20 ASX listed Investments, which the Report details individual

During current market conditions, prices are down and it's an excellent time to invest in this portfolio

The Full Report is 14 Pages - Released 29th April 2020

$31.36 (ex. GST)

The Trident Income & Yield Report - 2020
For Investors requiring a regular income to supplement their existing income or for self funded retirees (future and present) who need to boost their cashflow while keeping risk under control
Included in this report are:

  • New Recommendations - Contrarian picks for the Australian Portfolio
  • Updated information for our Australian and Global Portfolios including our performance in the last year
  • We rate each of our 22 stocks for Dividend Growth and Reliability, Underlying Investment Growth as well as Future Prospects
  • We explore Cash, Property, Bonds and Shares to work out the best options for a long term, reliable Portfolio of income producing assets
  • Putting a diversified Income Portfolio together
  • The problems you'll face in 2020 - Climate Change Issues and how it can affect your Investment Goals
  • The investments recommended have long track records of dividend reliability and growth to ensure a steady and growing cashflow to substantially outpace inflation and other asset classes
  • Corporate and Government Bonds explained and how you can participate in what has normally been a sector for institutions and wholesale investors only
  • Dealing with recessions and market chaos
The Full Report is 23 Pages - Released 23 January 2020

$22.68 (ex. GST)

The "How To" of investing in shares & applying the Trident Strategies for Buying, Selling & Protecting your Portfolio

This guide is based on the original Trident Confidential User's Guide, however it was totally updated in 2019.

The Trident Investment Guide provides investors with a step-by-step process of how to apply Trident's Buying, Selling and Protection strategies to your portfolio. These strategies help investors maximise their returns and protect their portfolios. Professional investors have "tricks" that they apply to buying that ensures they get the shares they want and at the right price, even when markets are soaring - these little tricks are revealed. Professional investors also know when it's time to sell by setting a couple of strategies in place - again these are revealed and exactly how to apply them. These strategies have been tried and proven over many years and have helped thousands of our clients over the years.

Sells for $39.50 Normally - Saving you you almost 40%

Approx. 48 Pages

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