Lance Spicer has retired.

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The Trident Confidential July 2021 Quarterly Report is a must for any investor. It is Lance Spicer's final report. It details a portfolio for Global Growth and was a cornerstone of our investment success for the last 20 years. This final report includes suggestions on how to manage your portfolio going forward and other sources of investment information.

We highly recommend the Trident Investment Guide for instructions how to start investing and manage your portfolio.

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Many of our clients have been with us since the very beginning, i.e. 1994 and 15% of our 20,000 regular clients worldwide have bought every book we have published since (37 titles). This is a testiment to the value our readers have placed on our information.

Titles Available:

The 2010 Edition of our All Time best-selling book, The Wealth Solution provides a system of creating wealth by investing in stocks and managing your money like a professional, in all market conditions - both good times and bad.

Our Number 1 Best-Seller

100% Legal Ways To Reduce Your Tax

Original RRP was $59.50

2010 Edition (as at 2017, nearly all the strategies revealed still current)

How to reduce your income tax.... legally! This book shows you how. The...

Trading and Investing for a Living.

Original RRP was $49.50.

2009 Edition is our current edition and whilst some of the examples may be older the strategies explained are still relevant today.

This best-selling t...

How to find Great Stocks on Your Own

Original RRP was $49.50.

One of the greatest challenges for a stock market investor is finding the next great stock. In recent years, Australian investor Lance Spicer has been able to emulate the greats of investing...

Original RRP was $39.50.

This edition released in 2010 will show you exactly how to set up your own fund cheaply and efficiently and how to ensure you get the maximum benefit for your retirement. Plus how to reduce your tax to the absolute minimum, how to manag...

Original RRP was $39.50.

Asset protection is the adoption of advanced planning techniques, which place one's assets beyond the reach of future potential creditors. In practice, it does not involve hiding assets, nor is it based upon secret agreements or ...

Original RRP was $59.50.

Published 2009 - 240 pages

This book contains information about what you gain from offshore investment, how to go about it - structures, companies, trusts, what Offshore Financial Centres exist and what you can ...

Original RRP was $29.95.

The secrets to small business success. This book covers all aspects of small business and shows you practical ways to achieve the results that you desire. In a logical sequence of events, Going Out on Your Own? explains getting started,...

Original RRP was $39.50.

Best-Selling Investment Guide

First released in 2007, Investing to Win has gone on to become a best-seller. It has gained a reputation for going against the grain of other investment commentators and actually givi...

Original RRP was $39.50.

How to avoid Financial Disaster

describes exactly how people get into a financial mess, how to get out of it and how to avoid it. It is a must read for anybody concerned about money, the econo...

Original RRP was $39.50.

Financial Crime Exposed!

Scams & Frauds have been around forever but seem to be everywhere these days - especially all over the Interne but there is also scams by mail, and many even in person. The pr...

A very simple guide outlining the steps to building wealth for you and your family and how to create your financial freedom. This in an introductory book, designed to introduce different concepts including investing, in a simple manner to create an improved future.