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We offer a variety of Reports to target the information you require.

Investment Reports:

We offer targeted stocks for the period or sector mentioned. Our 30+ years of experience in this area has produced superior results for our clients. We have developed our own proprietary stock selection method as described below.

We tell you when to buy, how much to pay, what we think the stock will achieve and most importantly when to sell to make a profit. Our aim is to provide you with good quality stocks to invest in.

What Do The Reports Contain?

This service provides detailed reports as well as commentary, general and specific, on stocks we think should be invested in at the time of publication. The emphasis is on Long Term investing for both Growth and Yield, and we are still applying the same criteria for selection. See article below on how we select stocks.

We focus on Australian and Global stocks and picking the best opportunities for the long term and seeking out sectors where we think the market has mispriced shares due to short-term factors. For example in 2016, Healthcare stocks were beaten down, although the long term potential was and still is fabulous. Sometimes the market can get it wrong and we see this as an opportunity for a long-term investor to buy stocks when they are cheap. 

We will be seeking out new opportunities, as well as revisiting old ones in our new reports when we think the timing is right, both here and internationally. For example, if the market has a downturn or we think it’s set to take off, we will email you with a new report with what we believe are the best opportunities for profit potential at that time.

The reports may contain anywhere from 3 or up to 15 stocks we feel are investible at the present time and the reports will be priced individually for purchase. You will be able to pick and choose which reports you want based on the content material, as we’ll be explaining in advance what the report covers and what’s included. This will mean you’ll only get the information you need or want at the time.

How Are They Delivered?

The reports are sent as PDF attachments for you to download. They will have a time sensitive link on them, so you need to download them immediately and save them to your computer and a back up as well, as they cannot be replaced if your computer crashes. They will be password protected and the password will be sent in the email with the download. They are also uniquely stamped to protect our intellectual property so they cannot be shared. 

Payment Options

The new site accepts payment via credit card, PayPal or EFT. 

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$35.91 (ex. GST)

The 10 Powerhouse Stocks to Buy for the Next Decade

Released August 2018

Ten years from now the best stocks to have owned will probably be companies that you may not have heard of as yet, or maybe you've heard of them, but don't really know what they do. These stocks are the technology driven innovative companies that could be the Apples, Microsofts and the Googles of the future. There are some incredibly innovative companies out there and they have been regularly beating analyst estimates each quarter and growing very quickly - all pretty much "under the radar" and we have selected 10 for this report. 

We believe these 10 fabulous companies will be market beaters over the next decade. This is an excellent supplementation to Trident Confidential Portfolio stocks, if you are looking to expand your portfolio.


10 international companies covering a wide range of industries such as Aerospace, Software, Artificial Intelligence, Investment, Cloud Computing, Medical Science, Food Safety and Information Technology.

These companies have have been producing outstanding results in recent times and have plenty of long term growth potential still to come as they expand their services and products. In a decade from now, could these be the stocks you "should have invested in?"

All 10 companies have full research reports included.

63 Pages

Released 14 August 2018

$63.55 (ex. GST)

The Trident Confidential Quarterly Report is a must for investors.

Included in this report are:

  • A few thoughts on popular Australian stocks
  • We look at the current market valuation - Is it overvalued? Should you be buying, holding or selling? 
  • The Future Cashless Society and the "must have" stocks to own
  • Our Trident Portfolio Soars During the Quarter
  • Economic Outlook for Australia, US, UK and Europe
  • The Australian banking Royal Commission - Is it time to buy the Banks?
  • An update of every stock in our Growth Portfolio - Our Portfolio has beaten the market 3 to 1 - See which stocks outperformed and why you should buy them even now  - There are 21 Stocks in Buying Range which we recommend buying now
  • 3 New Buys for our portfolio 
  • 2 New Sells
  • Updated Buy up to Prices and Valuations
  • Portfolio Tables for the Current Growth and Yield Portfolios
  • Our Favourite Buys and our Bargain Buys updated

The Full Report is 21 Pages - Released 8th July 2018

$63.55 (ex. GST)

The Trident Confidential Quarterly Report is a must for anyone investing in stocks.

Included in this report are:

  • The Correction - Will it last much longer? Where's the bottom? Market Valuation - Overbought or Oversold? Is there more volatility on the way for the rest of 2018?
  • Possible tax changes and the Australian market
  • Corporate Earnings - getting better or worse?
  • An update of every stock in our Growth Portfolio - Our Portfolio has beaten the market 3 to 1 - See which stocks outperformed and why you should buy them even now  - There are 21 Stocks in Buying Range which we recommend buying now
  • 3 New Buys for our portfolio 
  • 2 New Sells
  • Updated Buy up to Prices and Valuations
  • Portfolio Tables for the Current Growth and Yield Portfolios
  • Our Favourite Buys and our Bargain Buys updated

The Full Report is 21 Pages - Released 4th April 2018 

$35.91 (ex. GST)

The Outlook for 2018 & The 10 Growth Stocks that could Take Off in 2018

(ebook - Delivered by download)

This report provides our comprehensive view on how we see the stock market performing and where we see the opportunities and the risks for this year. Whether we see a correction and where it may come from. We also look back at our 2017 Outlook and recommendations and provide some insight on what it means for you as an investor in 2018. We then reveal the 10 Companies that we feel may become the "superstar" stocks of 2018.

In our report:

  • Comprehensive rundown on US and Australian markets, interest rates, economics affecting the markets and the possibility of a correction in 2018. You may be surprised where we see the "Big Risk of 2018" - it's probably not what you're thinking!
  • We review how our Recommendations of 2017 did. Our 15 stocks last year returned 30.5% on average! This year we expect excellent results again.
  • We advise where you should be investing in 2018.
  • The Top 10 Surprises for 2018 from one of Wall St's best "predictors"
  • Full research reports on the 10 Growth Companies we expect to out perform in 2018 and why
  • We also give a further recommendation on our 2017 picks and what you should do with them now. 

Approx. 42 Pages - Released 10th January 2018

$63.55 (ex. GST)

The Trident Confidential Quarterly Report  - January 2018

We are now making this report available to all our readers for the very first time.

This 17 Page Report Contains

  • Our Full Growth Portfolio of 27 Stocks, of which 18 are recommended Buys right now. The average investment in this Portfolio has returned 83.91% thus far.
  • A commentary on each of our Growth Portfolio stocks
  • Our Full Yield Portfolio update - 12 stocks
  • A Market Commentary and Outlook for 2018 - Our valuation of the current market - Where we see the market at the end of the year and our view on a possible stock market correction
  • Crypto Currencies - Are they worth investing in?
  • Our Top 5 Stocks you should be holding
  • Our Top 5 Bargain stocks
  • Full Research Report on our Latest Recommendation. This company is almost a monopoly and we see at least 36% upside in the next year.
  • Our Stock Market and Economic Barometer updated

17 Pages - Released January 2018

This is the first time we have allowed non-subscribers to access our full Growth and Yield Portfolios and Buy Recommendations since we started publishing Trident Confidential almost 20 years ago.

$35.91 (ex. GST)

The 10 Growth Stocks to Own for 2018


10 international companies covering a wide range of industries such as Software, Consumer Products, Defence, Analytics, Data, Aerospace, Medical, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and Internet Services.

Some are household names that you will know, some you have probably never heard of.  These companies make excellent additions for more growth potential and diversification. Based on forward earnings and average valuations, we expect these companies could increase over 22% on average over the next year or so.

Also included is a commentary on the current market situation as well as our market valuation estimates for 2018 and 2019 and the factors and risks that may come into play.

All 10 companies included have full research reports included to help you make your own assessment. 

39 Pages

Released 21 August 2017

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$26.82 (ex. GST)

The Trident Australian Stocks Portfolio Report - 2017

The Trident Australian Stocks Portfolio Report - 2017  provides detailed investment reports for 12 ASX listed Australian companies that we expect will outperform in 2017. Also included is a 4 page rundown on the state of the Australian economy and why we think our picks make sense in 2017.
They feature:
1. Good growth within the domestic Australian market.
2. Top management that ensures the growth is also in earnings, not just revenue.
3. Potential for increasing export markets
4. Currently, having a reasonable share price valuation when growth is considered. In other words, Growth at a Reasonable Price.
5. Are unlikely to be compromised by a change of federal government.
6. Somewhat immune to overseas competition.
7. Have the support of favourable demographics.
9. Good balance sheet as well as strong cash flows.
Our report includes mainly small to medium cap stocks, and do not include the "usual" broker recommendations such as the big banks, Telstra, Woolies, Wesfarmers and the like, but instead concentrates on growing smaller companies with good growth potential for not only 2017,  but the long term as well. Several pay excellent dividends, but also combine this with growth.
Approx. 43 Pages

$35.91 (ex. GST)

The "How To" of investing in shares & applying the Trident Strategies for Buying, Selling & Protecting your Portfolio

(ebook - Delivered by download)

The Trident Investment Guide provides investors with a step-by-step process of how to apply Trident's Buying, Selling and Protection strategies to your portfolio. These strategies help investors maximise their returns and protect their portfolios. Professional investors have "tricks" that they apply to buying that ensures they get the shares they want and at the right price, even when markets are soaring - these little tricks are revealed. Professional investors also know when it's time to sell by setting a couple of strategies in place - again these are revealed and exactly how to apply them. These strategies have been tried and proven over many years and have helped thousands of our clients over the years.

This report is based on the Trident Confidential User's Guide, however it's been totally updated.

Approx. 51 Pages

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The Trident Investment Selection System

We spend hundreds of hours tracking down the best investments available in the world, based on the economic opportunities presented at that given point in time we are recommending them.

Initially, Trident uses a “Top-Down Thematic” investment approach where the manager identifies economic, social, industrial, demographic and technological trends (“themes”), which it believes will enable out performance by investing in sectors and industries in the early stages of investor interest. 
Once these trends have been identified through research and expertise, Trident uses a long-term “bottom-up” approach to assess individual equity investments within the identified “investment themes”."Bottom-up" stock picking involves assessing the fundamentals of a business as how a particular company will perform over a given period.
Our selection process, the proprietary Trident Investment Selection System applies a series of fundamental and subjective criteria to each potential investment prior to the investment being added to the fund.
For example, we are examining companies that have the following criteria:

1. Positive Earnings Revisions. I like to see stocks that have had their earnings estimates increased by Wall Street analysts. This usually tips us off to a stock that’s about to “beat earnings.”

2. Positive Earnings Surprises. Speaking of beating earnings, I also look to see if a stock has been able to beat its earnings estimates, and by how much. This is an important number to watch because it often tells me about a stock that Wall Street isn’t paying much attention to or doesn’t yet “get.”

3. Increasing Sales. I also like to see a company that can grow its sales over time. Why? Because it’s one number that is hard to fake. My background is in accounting, and I’ve always made sure to steer away from companies that use questionable accounting practices. Sales growth is a solid indicator.

4. Expanding Operating Margins. This simply tells me if earnings are growing faster than sales. A company that’s able to expand its operating margins is usually a company that has a dominant position in its industry. This company can raise prices without seeing a drop-off in sales. That’s a nice place to be.

5. Free Cash Flow. This tells me how much money a company has left over after paying for the costs of its business. Having a strong cash flow is important because it allows a company to invest more resources in growing its business.

6. Earnings Growth. This is at the heart of all good financial analysis, and I rely on it as well. As long as any company is able to grow its earnings consistently, its stock will do well.

7. Positive Earnings Momentum. It’s not enough for me to see a company's earnings growth—I also want to see its rate of growth increase.

8. Return on Equity, or ROE. This is the gold standard. ROE tells me how efficiently a company is managing its resources. I can’t interview every senior manager at a company, so I like to think of ROE as a report card for management.

9. Price Appreciation Potential. We examine how under valued a stock is and look at the potential price appreciation based on it’s present events, industry valuations and Price to Book (PB Ratio) valuations. We target companies that have “above the norm” potential to gain in price short to medium term.

In addition, we examine:

  • Return on Assets
  • Dividend Yield
  • Growth of Dividends
  • Industry Trends
  • Industry Strength
  • Management Skill and Stability
  • "Insider" and management ownership of shares
  • Institutional Support
  • Business Model and Products
  • The Company's Position in the market and competitors
  • Price to Earnings Ratio
  • Sales Growth
  • Earnings Surprises
  • Debt
  • Balance Sheet Health
  • Recent Acquisitions
  • Export Markets
  • Recent Share Price Movement
  • Plus a few other "barometers"

Once this is all done and we are convinced that we can achieve out-performance over a specified period, we will invest.

In the end, it is what our valued clients say about us, that is the most important indicator of performance.