Basic Guide

How to Login:

  • Once the platform has been downloaded onto your PC, please open Halifax Plus.
  • Please go to File  Login to Trade Account and please select the live server:

How to view your balance and positions:

  • Once you are logged in, the bottom left hand corner should show a window called “Toolbox”.
  • Please select “Trade” where you can view your positions and cash balance.

How to place a stop loss or take profit:

  • To place a stop loss or take profit, please right click on the trade and select “Modify or Delete”.
  • Place the price in the stop loss or take profit area and then select “modify”.

How to place a trade:

  • In your market watch on the left hand side of your screen, right click any symbol and click “New Order”.
  • In the drop down box next to symbol, choose the equity you wish to place a trade on.
  • In the volume section, please place how many shares you wish to purchase and select buy.