Account Set-up

Please read on to find out all about our recommended broker and their services, what's involved, fees and links to set up an account with discounted rates. You can’t buy any shares without a stockbroker or an online trading account. So, we have established a strong, long-term relationship with a reputable broker, which gives you amongst the cheapest rates for brokerage available in Australia and specialised personal service. If you have one already - that’s fine - just make sure they can buy shares on other exchanges like American shares. A...

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How to Use the IB Platform

Known as Trader Work Station (TWS) with Halifax

Please download this file for instructions on how to use this platform. Screen shots are included to assist you.

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How To Use Halifax Plus/ MT5

Basic Guide How to Login: Once the platform has been downloaded onto your PC, please open Halifax Plus. Please go to File  Login to Trade Account and please select the live server: How to view your balance and positions: Once you are logged in, the bottom left hand corner should show a window called “Toolbox”. Please select “Trade” where you can view your positions and cash balance. How to place a stop loss or take profit: To place a stop loss or take profit, please right click on the trade and select “Modify or Delete”. Place the price in ...

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