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Investment Reports

Our investment reports are the core of our services, incorporating 30+ years of investing knowledge and experience. They offer the flexibility to pick and choose subjects of interest and value to you at a reasonable price.

Current Reports:

  • The Bargain Hunter's Report - 12 Stocks for the Cautious Investor - 28 October
  • Trident Confidential Quarterly Update Report - October 2018
  • The 10 Powerhouse Stocks for the Next Decade - 63 pages -14 August
  • The Trident Australian Stocks Portfolio Report - 43 pages
  • The Trident Investment Guide - 51 pages
Trident Books

Trident is a Leading Publisher of Investment Books
Our business philosophy and mission is to provide you with the best quality financial information at a reasonable price. Since 1994 we have been writing books with quality, step-by-step, legal information in plain language on these subjects: 

Wealth Creation through Global Investment - Stock Market Investment - Superannuation - Taxation - Asset Protection

Broker Services & Discounts

You can’t buy shares without a stockbroker or platform.

We have arranged very special rates and service for our clients with one of Australia's most reputable brokers.

Get access to benefits such as:

  • Discounted rates - amongst the lowest in Australia 
  • Free Weekend Financial Review subscription for a year
  • Online platform
  • Full support
  • Personal service
  • Access to margin lending