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Trident's Ultimate ASX Balanced Portfolio Report.

The brief from a family member was they wanted:

  • All investments had to be listed on the Australian Stock Exchange
  • The Portfolio had to include: Global Shares, Australian Shares, Global Property, Australian Property, Cash, Fixed Interest, Global Bonds, Australian Bonds and Alternatives
  • The Portfolio had to suit a SMSF or "set and forget" type scenario with "lowish" levels of risk
  • The returns could be a mix of income with decent capital growth
  • Returns must EXCEED 8%pa long term
  • The managers of the investments must be good quality with excellent long term records
  • The Portfolio must be balanced and diversified across not only asset classes, but across sectors and industries
  • A very specific allocation to each asset class with equities of any type not exceeding 55% of the Portfolio - A true Balance and Well Diversified Portfolio
  • The investments had to be easy to buy and sell so required good liquidity in the market
  • The investments, by and large, had to be low cost in terms of fees
  • No single investment could exceed 5% of the Portfolio - so we needed at least 20 ASX listed Investments, which the Report details individually

How hard could it be? It turned out there were some challenges in "ticking all the boxes", but we did it! This is a Portfolio I'll be applying to my own SMSF and recommending to close friends. Yes, we exceeded the 8%pa requirement by a reasonable margin even with high percentages of Cash, Bonds and Fixed Interest (35% allocation).

The Full Report is 12 Pages - Released 1st May 2019

We envisage an annual review report being produced. We recommend you use our Stop Loss rules as explained in the Trident Investment Guide.

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