$31.36 (ex. GST)

The Trident Income & Yield Report - 2019

For Investors requiring a regular income to supplement their existing income or for self funded retirees (future and present) who need to boost their cashflow while keeping risk under control

Included in this report are:

  • 24 New Recommendations - An Australian Portfolio and a Global Portfolio
  • We rate each investment for Dividend Growth and Reliability, Underlying Investment Growth as well as Future Prospects
  • We explore Cash, Property, Bonds and Shares to work out the best options for a long term, reliable Portfolio of income producing assets
  • The problems you'll face in 2019 - Possible law changes, taxation and political risk with an election looming in 2019
  • The investments recommended have long track records of dividend reliability and growth to ensure a steady and growing cashflow to substantially outpace inflation and other asset classes
  • Corporate and Government Bonds explained and how you can participate in what has normally been a sector for institutions and wholesale investors only
  • Dealing with recessions and market chaos

The Full Report is 15 Pages - Released 31st January 2019

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