$63.18 (ex. GST)

The Trident Confidential Quarterly Report is a must for previous subscribers and new clients looking to begin a Global Growth Portfolio. 

Included in the Final report are:

  • The Market Remains Optimistic - Will it Last?
  • What's going on with our Boom stock that has risen over 200% in a little over a year? 
  • Timing the Market - We explore the Myth
  • The Market's Biggest Risk - It's Big and It's Coming Our Way!
  • Crypto Currencies - Get involved?
  • Interest Rates and the Australian Dollar
  • This is the Final Edition of Trident Confidential and the Reasons Why
  • Other Sources of Investment Information and My Best Pick
  • Our Portfolio Continues to Outperform  - All the Stocks we bought last April 2020 are up over 90% on average!
  • Updated Buy Prices and Valuations
  • We have 22 stocks to buy right now
  • Our Broker - Deal on Brokerage
  • An update of every stock in our Growth Portfolio - Our Portfolio has beaten the market 3 to 1 over the long term - See which stocks outperformed and why you should buy them even now
  • Portfolio Tables for the Current Growth Portfolio
  • Our Favourite Buys and our Bargain Buys updated

The Full Report is 19 Pages - Released 14th June 2021

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