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The Trident Confidential Quarterly Report is a must for previous subscribers and new clients looking to begin a Global Growth Portfolio.

Included in this report are:

  • The Coronavirus Crisis Issue
  • How to approach the crisis from an investment viewpoint
  • What sectors and industries to avoid... and there's a lot of them!
  • What sectors, industries and companies will do well and why
  • Will the market fall further and how much?
  • Analysis of market valuation and earnings outlook for the rest of 2020
  • The two events that may send this market spiralling higher, almost as fast as it fell - Is it about to occur?
  • Comparisons with the Global Financial Crisis - why this may be worse, but recovery could be quicker - why?
  • Central banks are acting - why if this is a health crisis, not a financial one?
  • Do you start buying now or wait? 
  • If you do buy what's the safest way to approach it?
  • 5 All New Buys plus Buy Backs that are worth investing in and those that aren't
  • One stock we think may jump 100%+ in the next few months. Stunning opportunity the market has missed
  • Our New Broker - Deal on Brokerage
  • An update of every stock in our Growth Portfolio - Our Portfolio has beaten the market 3 to 1 - See which stocks outperformed and why you should buy them even now  - There are 22 Stocks in Buying Range, which we recommend buying now
  • Sells for our portfolio
  • Updated Buy up to Prices and Valuations
  • Portfolio Tables for the Current Growth Portfolio
  • Our Favourite Buys and our Bargain Buys updated

The Full Report is 17 Pages - Released 23rd March 2020

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