The 2010 Edition of our All Time best-selling book, The Wealth Solution provides a system of creating wealth by investing in stocks and managing your money like a professional, in all market conditions - both good times and bad. 

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The Wealth Solution - The Ultimate Wealth Creation Guide

Since 1994, best selling Australian author and professional investor, Lance Spicer has been showing ordinary people how to create and invest their money in practical ways with proven results. 

The Wealth Solution will revolutionise the way you invest and provide you with the opportunity to have returns on your investment you never thought possible.

This is the Ultimate Investment Solution that leaves you in no doubt as to exactly what to do to improve your finances in 5 years

Lance Spicer reveals exactly how he "picks" stocks with such great success for the Trident Confidential Model Portfolio.

Follow his "rules" and methods and you could be achieving the same success Lance has demonstrated in the Trident Confidential Portfolio since 2005.
97% of the World’s Wealth is in the hands of 1% of the population. 99% of people share the other 3%. Why?
The Wealthy know something that 99% of people don’t.
This book will tell you what it is and elevate you into the Top 1%.
“This book explains exactly how to make money…. I have, and I’m nobody special. I made nearly all of it from what you are about to read in this book… no bull, no lies, no spin and no deception. The information contained in here is like a “winning lottery ticket”…It’s entirely up to you whether you throw it in the bin or not. This is the secret that everybody wants to know… but few have the time to listen. Do you have the time to cash in your “lottery ticket”…or are you too “busy” working for a living?”
The methods in this book have returned an impressive success rate of picking winning stocks on the American, European and Australian markets. You can learn how from what you will read in this book.
We show you where to find winning stocks, how to identify them, the criteria we use.... we even tell you which stocks to consider as examples of our research and methods.

In this book you’ll discover...

  • Why Lance Spicer’s Trident Confidential Model Portfolio produces such good results. 
  • Exactly what he does to produce these returns. He takes you step-by-step, in a simple and easy to follow way, through his stock selection procedure.
  • Where to find the best stocks in the world - without paying a cent. Anybody can do it. This is the secret that analysts and “stock pickers” have been keeping from you.
  • Why 1% of the population of the world controls 97% of the wealth.
  • What makes billionaires so wealthy? Here’s a hint, they are not smarter, not luckier, don’t have rich parents and most don’t have great educations. They have something else, and you can have it too, in about 2 hours.
  • 8 great myths about creating wealth. Everything you have been previously told is possibly rubbish.
  • The principles of wealth success and the 8 secrets common to all millionaires.
  • How, with absolutely no money, you can turn your position around and have greater wealth in 5 years. Lance will show you exactly how this is done.
  • Why the ideas and concepts your parents taught you aren’t going to work in today’s world.
  • How to value any business in 10 minutes – the simple way that the experts use - but never disclose.
  • How 90% of investors think and how to outsmart the “mob”.
  • The 4 greatest investors of the last 100 years are Graham, Buffett, Lynch and Fisher. Find out exactly, step-by-step, what they did to make massive fortunes and how to copy their success.
  • The “well hidden” secrets these 4 great investors have applied to make billions. You can easily apply them to your portfolio with amazing results.
  • The traps most investors fall into and the biggest mistakes that Australian Investors make and how to avoid them.
  • How the big institutional investors know which way the market is going. There are 3 secret ways of finding out. This information has never been published before. You’ll never be fooled by the stock market again. It’s like having your own “crystal ball”.
  • Strategies for financial survival and the simple “protection” strategy that will help ensure your portfolio is protected from any major correction on the market.
  • Why markets crash or correct and how to profit when this occurs.
  • When to buy and when to sell.
  • The websites Lance Spicer refers to on a daily basis to find great investing opportunities.
  • A step-by-step process to get started – exactly what to do. Follow this simple procedure and you’ll be well on your way to creating results in a couple of days.
  • The investment strategies for investors with absolutely no money and what you can do to get the “seed” capital you need to get started.
  • The strategies for “asset allocation”.
  • The best ways to use leverage and how to reduce risk.
  • Great websites, portfolio management software and other investment issues, which are also discussed.

This is the Ultimate Wealth Building Solution that leaves you in no doubt as to exactly what to do to improve your finances in 5 years

Testimonials for The Wealth Solution

Your text, "The Wealth Solution", is incredibly useful, particularly for fundamental analysis of stocks. - Don H.

"Dear Lance and team, Several months back, I purchased your 2008 Wealth Solution book, have followed your recommendations and have had the following fantastic results:
 US Markets
 XXX - Gain 41%
 XXX - Gain 56% 
 XXX - Gain 81% 
 XXX - Gain 19%
 XXX - Gain 33%
 XXX - Gain 12%
 XXX - Gain 9%
 XXX - Gain 6% 
 XXX - Gain 24%
 XXX - Flat
 XXX - Flat
 (Actual Stock tickers revealed in original testimonial)
 "There have of course been some stop losses, but employing your hard and fast rules (there were some really testy times throughout late Feb and Mar!!) stop loss, have had minimal losses. The above portfolio has gross growth of 29%, net of 25% incorporating stopped out positions. I can't begin to imagine what it will look like 6, 12, 24 months from now!"
 Australia Markets
 XXX - Gain 14%
 XXX - Gain  14%
 XXX - Gain 39%
 XXX - Gain 5%
 XXX - Gain 12%
 XXX - Gain 25%
 XXX - Gain 37%
 (Actual Stock tickers revealed in original testimonial)
 "No stop losses at all to this point - gross growth of portfolio at 18%
 I have also re-positioned my mutual funds into more balanced and aggressive growth patterns that should return better results, gotten out of cash as well". 
 "Thanks so much Lance - for the first time EVER, I feel that I have a good handle on the financial future for myself and family. My 15 year old son is now really interested, and I'm starting to teach him the basics!" 
  "I've been working my way through the Ultimate Wealth CD after purchasing - wow, are my eyes being opened up!" - Kieren S, Trident Confidential Subscriber since March 2008

"My books arrived Thursday morning and I'm stoked. Very high quality and they answer all my questions. They get right to the point and tell you exactly what you want to know. I have spent hundreds on books in the past and none of them answer the questions that I need answered like yours do. Thank you very much" - Vaughan by Email

I have just finished reading The Wealth Solution, wow, thank you for a great read I cant wait to apply everything to my trading, FP

I just wanted to email you to let you know I am very impressed with your latest book ‘The Wealth Solution’.  I have found the quality of information contained in the book far surpasses anything else I have read.  Just as importantly it is written in such a way that anyone can understand how to be a successful investor.  Most books I have read tend to leave the reader with more questions than answers, this book is uniquely different. Thanks," Michael

Hi Lance, I have just finished reading The Wealth Solution, which as expected was fantastic, judging from the other publications I have bought from you (I have about 95% of them!). Thanks very much for your time and your wonderful publications. - FC

Having just purchased your last book - The Wealth Solution,  which was absolutely fantastic thank you and will change the way we invest going forward,  we would like to purchase the library. - Di M  

The 4 Principles of Successful Investing 

There are only three ways you are going to attain wealth. The first is, you may inherit it. The second is you will build a good business that not only provides you with profits but also the business itself may become a valuable asset. Lastly, you will invest your money wisely and build wealth through capital appreciation. But, did you realise I'm only talking about 10% of the readers of this article. The other 90% will end up on some sort of government assistance during their retirement. That's right, only 10% of retirees will be financially independent.
Now unless you are lucky enough to have a rich family or have a business that one day will be worth a fortune, you will have to depend on smart investing to build wealth. To get you started, I have compiled the 4 Principles of Successful Investing.
1. Save at least 10% of everything you earn
This is the most important principle. Without it you won't even get started. I recommend you take 10% of your earnings and invest it even before you have paid the rent or mortgage. This is far more important than housing believe it or not. You may think you won't get by deducting 10% of your money for investments, but you will. Do a budget - you'll be surprised just how much money you really do waste on, unnecessary things, you'll be horrified in fact.
2. Educate Yourself and Seek Help
Read plenty of books, seek good well informed advice wherever you can get it. Learn how to invest and understand the markets. You must make time for this, it is the most important education of your life - your future depends on it!
3. Invest Wisely - Buy Quality
Once you have educated yourself, don't be lured into silly schemes that could turn out to be scams. Money is hard to make - easy to lose. Always have most of your investment portfolio in solid, good quality, long term growth investments. Always choose investments that make sense and have a bright future. For instance, telecommunications, high technology and the internet, pharmaceuticals and think globally too. Australian markets are traditional "under performers". Ensure you some exposure to the US and European markets.
4. Stay Invested
Once you have accumulated good investments - hold on to them. Don't sell them just because you are concerned by market movements. Keep in mind the markets only fall 25% of the time, the rest of the time they go up. So, "play the odds" stay invested!
Very few investors can pick the top or the bottom of the market, nor can they predict a fall. So, don't even try unless you are willing to watch the markets like a hawk every day, which for most people is totally unrealistic. As billionaire investor Warren Buffett says, "My ideal holding period is, forever" .
In conclusion, investing takes time and patience and you must start now, regardless of your age. Don't leave these things to the last minute as many people do. It's your future, it's up to you to make sure it works out well for you and your family.