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100% Legal Ways To Reduce Your Tax

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2010 Edition (as at 2017, nearly all the strategies revealed still current)

How to reduce your income tax.... legally! This book shows you how. There are lots of strategies exposed that are suitable for anyone who wants to pay less tax. Written specifically for Australians- it looks at strategies to reduce tax under the Australian Taxation system. In most cases, the strategies are legal and workable for readers in other countries as well and in some cases may work even better than they do in Australia. 

A Message from the Author, Accountant, Lance Spicer
“I have had many of my readers write to me and say, "I simply want to reduce my tax, but my accountant just says he can't (or won't) because there is nothing more that he can do". Well, the fact is, many accountants simply don't know how many of the strategies in this book, work.... in my opinion they should, but after 30 years experience with accountants, I'm still amazed how much most of them don't know!”
 “I have written the Tax Solution to be the definitive Tax Reduction Strategy book for the average person, and tried to make it interesting, which isn't easy when you're talking about tax."
"Every single legal strategy I have learned over the last, nearly 30 years of accounting and taxation consulting has been simplified, checked, re-checked and detailed in this book, in a way anybody can understand.”
"This is not your usual book on tax. Nearly all books on the subject are difficult to read and understand…. And boring…Oh God, they are boring. That was the most important aspect of this book.... it had to make sense, be readable and be practical for non-financial people. This is where so many other tax books run off the rails."
“This book has all the very best legal, practical ways to reduce tax that your accountant has NEVER told you. In fact, maybe you should buy this book for your accountant, so he can apply these strategies to your situation for you. Doing this may save you a fortune in fees and it's tax deductible."

You Need The Tax Solution if:

  • You have to pay tax and you think you pay more than you should
  • Your accountant can’t offer you any more legal ways to assist you with reducing taxes
  • You’ve read tax books before and they are too technical and boring
  • You are not necessarily a “financial” person who understands accounting jargon
  • You don’t want to break the law - you want legal strategies
  • You want to reduce your tax to the absolute legal minimum
If you were paying a $1,000 per hour for an accountant..... you still probably wouldn't find out most of these strategies.

Here are Just Some of 100% Legal Strategies that are explained in the Tax Solution:

  • How to make your home mortgage tax deductible
  • How to greatly reduce your personal income tax legally
  • How to defer and reduce your tax using companies and trusts
  • How to get legal double deductions on certain expenses
  • Several strategies for Property Investors that will reduce tax
  • Residency and non-residency strategies that can reduce or even eliminate tax
  • Superannuation simplified and how you can arrange things to reduce your tax, beyond what you thought was possible
  • Companies & trusts explained..... but in a way your accountant never would.... this is about saving you money, not costing you money!
  • Reduce your Superannuation Contributions Tax and it's legal!
  • Why Low Documentation Loans are a very bad idea
  • Rental Property Capital Gains Tax reductions
  • Convert Bad Debt to Good Debt, and getting a tax deduction for it
  • The Truth about Managed Investment Schemes and their Tax Incentives
  • Sell your business.... without tax on the sale
  • Offshore tax solutions.... what's possible and what's not
  • Get a tax deduction for Life Insurance.... your accountant will tell you "it's not possible"
  • Tax Deductions on expenses you never thought possible, we'll show you how
  • Strategies for The Share Investor
  • Strategies for The Property Investor
  • Strategies for The Wage Earner
  • Strategies for The Retiree
  • Strategies for The Business Owner
  • Master Tax Strategies
  • A Massive Tax Loophole 
  • Plus plenty more Strategies, Deductions, Tips and advice on exactly how to handle all kinds of tax situations.
    Even the book itself is tax deductible!
If you have ever asked your accountant if there is a way to reduce your tax then The Tax Solution is an absolutely essential read. This book contains most strategies available to reduce your tax legally.
Think how about how much tax you pay........ If this book shows you just one way to reduce it, then don't you think it's worth it? But we won't just show you one way..... we'll show you lots of way to reduce tax!
Whilst this book is “Australianised”, there is no reason the contents of this book can’t be put to good use in other countries. Just check with a local accountant in your country before proceeding with anything in this book.

"I didn't believe it when you claimed you could make my home loan tax deductible, I stand corrected! Lance is a genius" Thomas K.

"Your Tax Solution book has blown me away! I just thought you would like to know, I've told all my friends too. Good stuff! "- Gavin P. - Sunshine Coast

".......By the way, I love the stuff he puts together, it's no nonsense, intelligent and has certainly made me money.  The world is a better place for having Lance Spicer. Cheers," Ellie M. 

"Just read the Tax Solution, Lance has done what so many accountants can't - explain tax in a simple way. This book has definitely saved me money and I'm going to buy the Ultimate CD from you guys. Thanks." Bill T. 

"A Must Read book, excellent info, turned up quickly, would buy again from Trident Press...." - Michael K