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Published 2009 - 240 pages

This book contains information about what you gain from offshore investment, how to go about it - structures, companies, trusts, what Offshore Financial Centres exist and what you can do with them legally, FIF legislation, the role of FATF, how to be a perpetual traveler, offshore real estate, offshore banking, offshore contacts and much more.

Whilst it is some years old now, the strategies contain are still largely useful and legal, and we still receive requests for this type of information, which is why we still have it available but at a vastly discounted price to reflect that some the contacts or websites may have changed.

The Offshore Investment Solution 

Back in 1994 I wrote my first book, The Invisible World. It was basically a book on offshore investment, incorporations and establishing financial privacy back in the days before there were tax authority witch-hunts. However, privacy and asset protection are are the main reasons for investing offshore. Many of the tax incentives are now gone, although a few legals strategies remain but they are not as compelling as they once were.

Over the years I went on to write further titles on this very popular subject covering areas such as banking offshore (Invisible Banking), financial privacy (The Privacy Guide) and how to incorporate offshore (The Trident Incorporation and Strategy Manual and Offshore Companies and Trusts), offshore investments (The Offshore Investment Guide) and fraudulent investments (Scams and Frauds).

Back in the 90’s it was accepted practice for major corporations and individuals to establish an offshore entity to allow tax advantages and privacy legally.

Those days have largely ended, as tax authorities and governments around the world have established new laws to stop illegal money laundering as well as tax evasion. As a result, either by accident or more likely deliberately, they ended some of the usefulness of tax havens and offshore structures in many cases.

So, in this book, published in 2009 and formerly entitled The Offshore Investment Guide, I have consolidated and updated all of those previous titles into one easy to understand book to help investors and privacy seekers alike understand the offshore investment world now. 

It includes all the latest information as at 2009 about what you gain from offshore investment, how to go about it - structures, companies, trusts. What Offshore Financial Centres exist today and what can you now do with them legally, FIF legislation, the role of FATF, how to be a perpetual traveler, offshore real estate, offshore contacts and much more.

Topics Covered:

  • The Benefits of Offhore Investing
  • Offshore Investment - Is it Worth It?
  • The reasons for Offshore Investment
  • Privacy and Confidentiality
  • How the Offshore World Has Changed
  • The Offshore Investing Process
  • Asset Protection
  • How Offshore Works and Understanding Your Needs
  • Structuring an Offshore Entity
  • Banking Issues
  • International Tax Planning and Legalities
  • Investing Offshore
  • Due Dilligence for Offshore Investors
  • Imternational Property Investment
  • Offshore Basics and FAQs
  • Conclusion and Putting It Together
  • International Investment Contacts 

Many people are told that investing offshore is risky and that if we do invest outside of our country, we’ll lose all our money. Well, this is ridiculous in the extreme. You can lose your money in a scam at home just as easily as overseas. I don’t think investing in shares in London, New York or Frankfurt is any more risky than in Sydney. The only thing that should matter to you is, “where can I get the best return?” Don’t let them fool you into thinking, Offshore = Bad…. Onshore = Good. This is a fallacy and it’s only put out there to keep you “under control”.

Our advice is to seek out the best returns but also the best structure so you can also protect yourself & your family and then maximise those great returns! This book can show you what you need to know to be able to do it.


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I have bought many of your books and found them extremely useful. They have the rare gift of being lucid, profound and easy to read, something I find rare in most investment publications. - Dr J H (BA, BEc, BA(Hons), MA, PHD, Hon Psy D, NSW