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The Outlook for 2019 & Trident's Core Growth Portfolio will assist investors navigate the issues we believe will dominate in 2019 as well as provide a Portfolio of 12 reliable Global and Australian stocks.

Included in this report are:

  • A review of the trials and tribulations of 2018 and how investors may have got it wrong
  • The three major issues we'll face in 2019 and how to navigate around them
  • What's gone wrong with the Australian stock market and will it recover in 2019?
  • The future of interest rates in Australia and the US and how that can impact the markets and your portfolio
  • A change of government in 2019 - what this may mean for your shares, property and superannuation
  • Our investment warnings for 2019
  • How to deal with possible slowing growth in 2019
  • A US Recession in 2019? An Australian Recession in 2019?
  • The safest sector to invest in for 2019
  • The Investment Themes for 2019
  • The 12 Core Growth Stocks to own for 2019 - Good balance sheets, strong earnings and revenue growth, history of good results, good cashflow and dominant market positions
  • Our strategy for 2019

The Full Report is 12 Pages - Released 17th December 2018

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