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How to avoid Financial Disaster

describes exactly how people get into a financial mess, how to get out of it and how to avoid it. It is a must read for anybody concerned about money, the economy and the financial security of their family.

Financial Crisis!

Whether it's losing a job, facing unexpected medical bills, a family member who needs help or you are going through a divorce, handling a financial crisis can be downright scary. Sometimes, it isn’t a personal situation that just affects you, it could be a global crisis such as the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 or a stock market crash such as the one in 2008 that bites you on the bottom.

All these events, big and small can damage your financial position significantly. What we do and how we react as a result of these crises is very important. Jump the wrong way and you could lose a lot of money. You should have a plan. You should understand the mentality of people who panic and ensure you don’t become one of them.

In the last few years we have seen the GFC cause major companies to fail. These collapses have forced quite a few Australians to re-think their investment approach. But how do you handle a situation when one minute you are feeling financially secure and the next you are being bludgeoned financially. It’s a shock few of us know how to handle.

The key to handling these financial disasters is planning. Planning for them to happen to YOU, and they will, unless you’re  very lucky. Once you have done your planning you should be reasonably ok, but as you know there are disasters that don’t just happen to you, they happen to the whole world and these are harder to plan for. So, we  have devised a strategy that when they do occur, we can handle them logically and even make a few dollars on the way.

It’s funny, you always read about the guy who made a fortune when the “market collapsed”. Do you wonder how these people do it? Well, they employ a simple strategy of keeping their head and letting everyone else panic and employing an anti-cyclical methodology. It works every time. We’ll look at how you can do it too. Discover the ways to handle the crisis and come out of it “smelling roses”.   


  • Identifying Common Financial Problems
  • Money Traps
  • Bracing Yourself for Financial Crisis
  • Disaster Strikes – What To Do?
  • When You Can’t Pay Your Bills
  • The Struggle for Work and Family Balance
  • Budgeting & Money Management
  • The Art of Money Control
  • A Strategy for Financial Recovery
  • Money Protection Strategies
  • Tips for the next 1,000 years
  • Prepare for The Next Stock Market Crash
  • The Secret to Building Wealth
  • Where and what to invest in for sure fire results
  • How to make money in a falling market
  • Investor’s Traps plus much more! (180 pages)