We provide a wide range of services:

·  We are investment managers of the Trident Global Growth Fund - A fund investing in Global and Australian equities - Trident Investment Management.

·  We publish Trident Confidential, weekly investment newsletter to subscribers

·  We publish a wide variety of wealth creation books - Trident Press.

Trident Press

Since 1994, Trident Press Pty Ltd was created to publish books on subjects such as Offshore Investment and Banking, Mutual Funds and Stocks, Financial Privacy, Wealth Creation, Taxation, Financial Privacy, Asset Protection and General Investment Strategies.

Trident Confidential

In 2005, Lance combined the books and reports of his career to that point to create The Ultimate Wealth, Privacy and Freedom Library, which included a subscription to Trident Confidential. This is a web-based stock market newsletter designed to give not just stock buys but also an investment system created from years of experience with his own investing techniques. Now the subscription is the core of the offering with the books offered free online as additional educational material.