Australian Mutual Holdings (AMH) are the responsible entity for managing the adminstration of Trident Investment Management Retail Managed Funds - namely 

- The Trident Global Growth Fund and

- The Trident Income Plus Fund

They are responsible for all applications, accounts and administration for the fund, so if you have any questions on either Fund, the PDS, or the application form and process, please contact them direct.

They are a very experienced responsible entity for a number of funds and are a public company.

Please direct All Fund enquiries to AMH

(Fund Administration Handling Centre and Responsible Entity) 

For any questions regarding:

General Enquiries

Applications/ Redemptions 

Documentation Requests

Unit Pricing, Allocation,

Taxation Statements and Queries, Share Certificates and other:

Cassandra Moloney - Senior Administration

Phone: 02 9241 7959 


Trident Investment Management

(The Investment Manager)


Trident Press Pty Limited

PO Box 13
Cronulla NSW 2230 Australia