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Clients of the Trident Global Growth Fund

If you are a client of the Trident Global Growth Fund and it’s Responsible Entity, Australian Mutual Holdings Pty Limited, your account is not affected, as all funds are held by Interactive Brokers in the name of the independent custodian (Australian Executor Trustees who hold $32B of client funds for many organisations and managed funds around Australia and are a division of IOOF which is listed on the ASX) on your behalf. Halifax is not a related entity to the custodian or the broker.  

The Trident Global Growth Fund will continue to trade as normal with no changes as the administration of Halifax is not related. Applications are still being accepted. Please visit for the PDS and application form. 

As the largest Trident Global Growth Fund investor, I will continue with my investment. I see great value in the market in 2019 and beyond.

Kind Regards, 

Lance Spicer - Investment Manager

Trident Investment Mangement  ACN 136 841 426