Key Staff

Lance Spicer  

Managing Director 

An accountant with over 30 years industry experience, has held senior financial executive positions with some of Australia's largest listed companies involved in the Mining, Property Development, Investment, Tourism and Engineering industries.

He has also been a tax and financial consultant to several financial institutions including Macquarie Bank. He has been a forensic accounting consultant, assisting trustees of companies in liquidation discover hidden assets and has assisted the Canadian authorities in uncovering and closing down various ponzi schemes.

He started his own publishing company, Trident Press, in 1994 writing books on various subjects in his areas of expertise. Many of Lance's 38 books have attained "best seller" status with books having been sold in over 100 countries around the world.

During that time, Lance was also a regular feature writer in many magazines, Newspapers and various local and international newsletters. Lance has spoken at several international and Australian seminars on issues of taxation, investment and financial privacy. His books have been featured on Australia's ABC TV, in TIME Magazine and discussed on radio in the USA and in Australia. Lance's biography has been included in the Who's Who in the World.

He embarked on his full time "investing career" in 1994, although he has been involved in the markets professionally since 1980.

In late 2004 he created Trident Confidential - a stock market newsletter published weekly from January 2008 until January 2017. Using his accounting and corporate skills he has been able to identify underlying value in companies often overlooked by the market resulting in market beating results.

Utilising "The Trident Investment Selection System", Lance employs fundamental analysis, economic analysis and his extensive years of experience, in addition to good old fashioned common sense (which is not so common anymore), to pinpoint great investments. 

Trident Stock Research began in January 2013 published monthly featured 2 stock recommendations, one global, one Australian to satisfy the expanding portfolios of our clients.

The above two services morphed into Trident Stock Report in 2017. It is our latest product focusing on stock recommendations in individual reports.

We were investment managers of the Trident Global Growth Fund from 2010 to 2019 - A fund investing in Global and Australian growth equities under the company, Trident Investment Management.

Andrew Spicer, AFP

Research Analyst

Andrew is a Practising Member of the Financial Planning Association of Australia.

He is RG146 accredited and has completed a Diploma of Financial Planning in the following areas of accreditation:

DFS 1 - AIE Australian Industry Essentials

DFS 1 - FAF Financial Advice

DFS 2 - Life Insurance

DFS-3 - Superannuation

DFS 4 - Investment Planning

He has been working under the expert tutelage of his father and mentor, Lance Spicer since 2009.

Andrew's role to date has been to find, research, evaluate and present stocks for the Trident Confidential portfolio, Trident Global Growth Fund and now Trident Stock Research.

Andrew's expertise is his ability with numbers and acute understanding of business fundamentals. He is also well-versed in how macro-economic factors influence the trading and investing environment.

He is an excellent stock analyst and has a unique ability to forsee trading trends. Like his father, his approach is contrarian, which leads to many opportunities missed by the crowd. This makes for excellent opportunities for purchasers of our stock market and investment reports.. 

Monika Ruoff 

Sales & Client Services Manager

Monika joined Trident Press in 2003 with substantial experience in Sales and Marketing, customer relations and PR through her previous 16 year career in the hospitality and event industries.

Gaining a Diploma in Hotel and Catering Management at Ryde College in 1988, Monika progressed to an MBA at the University of Western Sydney in 2000.

Monika wished to diversify at that juncture and has been an integral part of the team since joining the group in 2003. She heads our teams in Sales and Marketing, Administration and Customer Service.  

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