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We offer specialised Investment, Wealth Creation and Strategy Reports; Educational Books;
and Brokerage Referral Services

Investment Reports

Our investment reports are the core of our services, incorporating 30+ years of investing knowledge and experience. They offer the flexibility to pick and choose subjects of interest and value to you at a reasonable price.

Current Reports:

  • The Bargain Hunter's Report - 12 Stocks for the Cautious Investor - 28 October
  • Trident Confidential Quarterly Update Report - October 2018
  • The 10 Powerhouse Stocks for the Next Decade - 63 pages -14 August
  • The Trident Australian Stocks Portfolio Report - 43 pages
  • The Trident Investment Guide - 51 pages
Trident Books

Trident is a Leading Publisher of Investment Books
Our business philosophy and mission is to provide you with the best quality financial information at a reasonable price. Since 1994 we have been writing books with quality, step-by-step, legal information in plain language on these subjects: 

Wealth Creation through Global Investment - Stock Market Investment - Superannuation - Taxation - Asset Protection

Broker Services & Discounts

You can’t buy shares without a stockbroker or platform.

We have arranged very special rates and service for our clients with one of Australia's most reputable brokers.

Get access to benefits such as:

  • Discounted rates - amongst the lowest in Australia 
  • Free Weekend Financial Review subscription for a year
  • Online platform
  • Full support
  • Personal service
  • Access to margin lending

Our Proven Track Record

get the results you deserve

69.22% Profit in NVIDIA

In August 2016 we recommended our clients buy Nvidia (NVDA) and by December 2016 their profits had soared to 69.22% in just 4 months.

75.43% In Challenger Financial

In 2015 we recommended buying ASX stock Challenger Financial and by Christmas 2016, our clients were up 75.43%

294.61% Profits in Skyworks Solutions

In April 2013 we advised our clients to buy US chipmaker Skyworks. By the time we sold the shares in August 2015 we had made almost 295% profit

what our members have to say about trident stock report

Trident Confidential - Rodney, 21 September 2016
Thanks for another Stellar Year. Greatly Appreciated
Trident Confidential - Theo, 29 July 2016
Keep up the great work, you guys are the best, making money made easy!
Trident Confidential - Stephen, 9 June 2016
I can say how much I appreciate Lance’s overviews and suggestions. He is invariably right on the money.
Trident Confidential - Ian, 24 February 2016
I've been a subscriber for quite a few years now and find your analysis absolutely invaluable.

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